“In just a few short months, I promise you, she has changed the face of my business, made systems for me easier, kept me on track with goals we outlined, and been able to shift and flow as my goals have changed and shift along the way. Jen you seriously just changed my life.” Video Testimonial

Tammera Merkens Arbonne International Area Manager 

“Jennifer’s administrative support, social media marketing and business knowledge are Colleen Hierathvaluable assets to my company. She delivers her work on time and at a high quality. She has been instrumental in the growth of my business.”

Colleen Hierath Founder and CEO Second Act Trainings  Email

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“Jennifer has a way of perusing documents and marketing strategies and intently providing feedb15823377_10157927484205705_1217718287418720336_nack that takes the message from one of confusion to pin-point accuracy in its ability to reach the desired customer.  Word choice is critical in marketing, and Jenn will help you find precisely the right words to communicate to your people.” David Harder


“Jennifer is a fantastic source for Referrals, Enthusiasm, Support, along with Financial advice and education. Every meeting with Jenn is enjoyable, productive and very entertaining! We never know what two creative minds can accomplish!”~ TW

“Jennifer has helped us in so many ways! … She has very methodically taken us step by step through all the things we need to do….  all the while patiently holding our hands as we bumbled through the unfamiliar processes. For our business, Jenn is an ever-constant support, and such a great resource. It is our habit now to look to her first when it comes to business support and help. She is our cheerleader, enthusiastically promoting and supporting and exposing us to every opportunity she feels could help boost our businesses. She is an indispensable and truly valuable member of our network and we are so grateful for the depth of her knowledge and for her just being there for us with her compassion and true willingness to see us succeed. Thank you Jenn!”~BT

“Jennifer Cockton is an enthusiastic supporter of women small business owners. This is evident in her volunteer activities with groups who promote women in business.  She loves inspiring others with education, resources and networks that allow them to have more control over their personal and business life.”  ~KPG

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