Hi, Jennifer Cockton here (Jenn). This page is about me. I’d rather be talking about YOU!

I have been working professionally in the Calgary, Alberta Canada since 1987. I moved around the restaurant/hotel industries, business consulting, independent financial planning, banking, discount brokerage, oil and gas industry, and most recently condominium administration. These worlds have given me the experience with and insight into customer service, relationship management, systems implementation and utilization, business development, social media, sales and marketing, and database management. 

I have completed the Professional Financial Planning (PFP), Financial Management Advisor (FMA), Wealth Management Techniques (WMT), Life and Accident & Sickness Insurance  and had been honoured with the Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI) designation.  Born in Calgary, I Love this city and enjoy supporting others that do also. I’m a proud Mother and enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  I’m a life long learner and I seek daily personal and professional development. I’m very active in the community and a supporter or many non-for-profits. Contribution is a daily must and feeds my need for connection and play.

What you really need to know is that I Love People and I Love Play. My “IT” is Play. I want to see everyone playing, having fun and happy.

When you find your “IT” and build systems that simply and support your life so that your “IT” gets the time, love and attention “IT” deserves, the world is a happier and more playful place. I want to see YOU in your “IT”. I want to see you in your passion. What is your “IT”?

My desire for Play and Simplification, Business and Quality Relationships is how SystemsGirl was born.

Systems are essential tools for customer service and relationship building. It’s knowing how to use them, to interact and connect on a deeper level, that’s the key. I enjoy finding new systems to play with, using them and deciding which tools are a fit for others, depending on their needs. I also love meeting new people and building relationships.

I love to read, enjoy great food and beverages, a variety of music, painting (Oil & Acrylic), photography, crafts, fundraising event for charities and a variety of physical activities.

I have been described as a connector, supporter (cheerleader), organizer, simplifier influencer, problem solver, room warmer and charitable.

I love passion. I want to see you in your passion.

Bringing you tools for wellbeing and information necessary to help you succeed at making a life and not just a living. Achieve success while having fun.

Now Let’s PLAY!!


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  2. While working with Jenn from Systems Girl I have had many ah-ha moments. Jenn helps me to think bigger, to take a look at my ideas for my business and grow them more. She’s there to push me in the right direction. To help give me more thoughts towards my busines goals/plan(s).

    Thank you Jenn! It’s been fun and eye opening working with you!

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