Days like these….

We have all had days that resemble the “Cancel Everything” day, plans change and the day is completely out of our control. The Curve Ball that sounds like a vehicle coming to a screeching halt, has us at it’s mercy.
I’ve had days, even weeks, like this recently and they bring me to tears. Yes, life happens. Yet it can be hard to share the helplessness we feel in it all, especially when the obstacle hits us where we live, in the heart.
When an entire day, or week needs to be rescheduled life feels out of control and helpless. It can be so hard to get to the letting go and flow stage. There can be a boat load of fear and anger to process through. Then there is… getting your momentum back.

2017 was “the screeching halt” repeatedly for a lot of people, including me. Hiroshima comes to mind but it seems disrespectful to associate. For me it was related to life in so many dynamics. The obstacles were showing up everywhere – financial, business, health, wealth, passion, desire, contribution, family, love, pets, living arrangements. (I’m sure I missed some). It can be hard not to question, “What have I done to attract or deserve this?”, when hardships seem to be taking over life, and spreading like a virus.

The first week of 2018 I read a book from cover to cover. Not a habit I have. I surf… meaning I read the contents, and index, then pick where to go from there. I listen to a book a day on Blinkist and have been a fan of Audible since, day one. I also like SCRIBD. However, there is only so much a brain can absorb a day, without a nap.
I mention reading a book because this book, enhanced a perspective. What’s serendipitous is that, this book has been in my library for years, it took someone mentioning the Author on New Year’s Eve for me to actually pick up the book and read it. I’m glad I did, Thanks MOM!!

What’s is the book, you ask? It’s Robin Sharma’s The Saint, The Surfer and The CEO. A remarkable story about living your heart’s desire. First printed in October of 2002. Not Robin Sharma’s first book and not his last.

Many books we read, close the book and think to ourselves, “That was a good book, great story.” or “I don’t know why I read that, what a waste of time”. It’s not often we come across a book and go, “I wish I’d read this 15 years ago, everyone needs to read this book. Better yet, what is everyone read this book now, at the beginning of a new year. What a great start to a year that would be. The living process could be so much easier, for so many, with this enhanced perspective.” The latter was what I thought.
With out giving away the story and the book entirely, there are insights to life and quotes that we can all relate to. There is a shift in perspective that we can all make.

Why would you want to read this book? Maybe 2017 was a struggle for you. Perhaps life has been a struggle from day one. It’s possible that you have built yourself a very successful life, but you have yet to find the one thing we all crave, happiness. You may feel like you are living your life without much joy. It’s possible you are looking to deepen your life experience. Or maybe a good read that is deep and reflective, is what you look for in a book. All of these and more, are great reasons.

I made more journal entries regarding this book, than another I’ve ever read. The story and the quotes with amazing reflection, hit home for me. I’ve have grown and have an enhanced perspective. I believe that I have been able to take the “screeching to a halt” days with more grace and acceptance. I am looking for ways to share what I have learned with others. Although, 2018 is new, I do believe that I will enjoy this year more than most.

The recommended book for January 2018, long over due. The Saint, The Surfer and The CEO.

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