Best Intentions

2016 is coming to a close, quickly.
Today when I saw this video I had to laugh.

For many of us this video is the actual story of our best intentions

and it happens every year.

2017 will be a
New year

New life,

New me…

Who started this crazy mess?

Let’s do it

Set goals, list things that need to change, make a list of resolutions,

There done.

Where’s that glass of wine?

For real though it’s as if the list will miraculously happen.

Where is that Fairy Dust?

A few things are missing – the list of action steps, the commitment, the rewards for progress along the way and the follow through.

Planning a Celebration for having met a Goal.

Where is the support and the acountability?

Is anything really going to happen with out it?

Let’s take a good hard look at 2016 and see how it turning out.

It can be different.