New Year’s Eve Must


‘Tis the Season for Traditions and 2017 is only days away. Do you have a New Year’s Eve Must?

Some of the members of our Family believe that it is bad luck to have the Christmas decorations still up at NEW YEARS. I however am not one of them and will likely have them up until after CHINESE NEW YEAR, Saturday, January 28, 2017. So I could just put it in the Calendar for January 29th. (pause) Well there that is done, amazing that the date was still open. Anyways, you will not find me taking down decorations on New Years Eve just as you don’t find be putting up decorations Christmas Eve. Those are long standing Traditions for many families.

What do you do New Years Eve? What are your New Year’s Eve Musts?

Do you get dressed up and go to a party? Do you hunker down and watch movies with the family? What is the must watch movie? Do you play games? Do you chill the champagne? Do you prep a midnight feast (complete with all the food groups – must have meat, cheese, bread/crackers, veggies and fruit)? Do you stay up til midnight watching the count down? Do you have to see the fireworks and kiss someone right at the strike of The NEW YEAR? Do you prefer to go to bed early and let The New Year coming in like any other regular day? Do you watch the count down with young children early and party with the adults til the early morning hours? Do you have to have party poppers/crackers? You can make them….

What about New Years Resolutions/Rituals?

Do you make and share them?

New Year’s Eve Celebration you may not have heard of. (click)

However you chose to spend the Eve, I wish you and yours a Happy New Year and the best of 2017.