So Close

So Close

Has this ever happened to you?

Your child wishes for a particular gift for Christmas. Santa searches every corner of the north pole and finds and brings the coveted gift. Child decides within days that they no longer want the gift. All that energy – so exhausting.

It happens that the gift my child no longer wanted was a Rubik’s Cube. Why didn’t she want it any more? It was to hard to solve.

Ever have a challenge/problem that was hard to solve? Silly question right?! This is adult life. I gave the child a pass on this one, no sense having her grow up to fast. Adulthood will come soon enough.

So the dilemma occurred when we were going through items in our home, deciding which items fit and could stay and those that needed to go. These items we either regift or donate as yard sale season is done for the year. We really like to see things find new homes with people that will enjoy them. But how do you give away a Rubik’s Cube that is unsolved. Who wants that?

I very casually took on a challenge by saying that I would solve the Rubik’s Cube and then we would find it a new home for it. For a week or more I played with the cube for a bit before bed. I had come close to solving it many times but always got stuck on the last 5-10%. I could not get the yellow or the corners in the right places. URG!

Thursday night a light bulb went off. Does it matter if I can not solve the cube by myself? No! I said I would solve it, so how can I do that? I googled “solve rubik’s cube“. Who new there were so many videos to solve the cube. I watched one and fell asleep. LOL.


Friday night before bed there was that cube again on my night stand. My thoughts “Okay, let’s see if I can follow the video I found.” In missing steps, I had messed the cube up so many times and had to start again scratch. I’m not even sure how many times I stopped the video or hit rewind.  Then my iPhone battery needed to be recharged and so did I. I went to sleep with 3 middle pieces still not solved on one row of the the cube.


The next morning, Saturday there was that “So Close” to being solved cube. I took a picture and sent it to my child. She was going to be so excited that I had gotten so close. But I was not going to leave it that way. I had gotten this far. Although I was not great at following directions, gratefully, the directions were clear enough that I could go back and do a step again or if necessary start from the very beginning.

All to often we give up when we are so close. We all have a Rubik’s Cube type of a situation. Maybe it’s building your business. If we know that the steps we have been given solve the problem or get us past the challenge, why don’t we keep at it?


It’s amazing how gratifying it has been to actually solve this Rubik’s Cube. Seriously a small endeavour on the world scale but what it showed me is that I can follow instructions, even if I have to go backward to go forward. It showed me that it’s okay if I have to start over. It also hit home that I did not have to do it all by myself. I am coachable. So what if I used a tutorial video to get it done, I got it done. The success is still mine, I just did not have to do it all by myself. I found the resources I needed and got it done.

That Feels Amazing!

So what is your Rubix Cube?


“Fear is a necessary companion.” Elizabeth Gilbert

The other day I was getting creative with quotes and came across

“Fear is a necessary companion.” ~Elizabeth Gilbert

I created a social media post and then did not share it.

Fear defined: verb: be afraid of (someone or something) as likely to be dangerous, painful, or threatening. noun: an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

I stopped and reflected “Is this true for me? Do I believe that Fear is a Necessary Companion?”

Because I was questioning I sat down to write a blog about it.  I picked up a note book, found an empty page and a pen. The idea was to write about fear and what was coming up for me. The writing proved to be a bit different than I had originally conceived. I envisioned all of my fears pouring out of the pen on to the page.

Everything I was scared of, all of my challenges, every pain about lack, loss and all doubts about past actions or future outcomes were suppose to come forward. But this is not what showed up.

What showed up was the “What if it did happen?” test.

What if….

  • I got sick
  • I got lonely
  • I end up alone
  • I lost everything and everyone
  • There was no money.

Every WHAT IF and MAYBE was analyzed away. None of it was for certain. I role played through the out comes.

When I thought about how fear holds me back, it’s about hurt & harm, loss & pain, judgement, less than experiences or missing out. It all comes from a lack mentality. Focusing on the negative. The fears became more like NAGS. The shoulding – I was doing to myself. The recognition of what I felt I was denying myself.

Prominent Nags for me…

  • Health – Exercise more, eat better, chose healthy habits
  • Declutter – get rid of what is not used, loved or sacred
  • Collect No’s – asking for business from others
  • Seeking specific experiences

Having concerns and nags around different things definitely helps spur me to pursue various paths. However, the definition of Fear –  Beliefs of Danger, Pain, and Threats –  doesn’t resonate with me.

Then there was happiness, acceptance, and love. I am the decision maker. Allowing fear to have a deciding voice will keep my life sheltered and very small.

It is worth my time and energy to go after those things I want.

In life am I doing everything I want to? Am I creating a LIFE I LOVE?

Lack doesn’t live here. What does live here is opportunity, love, play, impact and beautiful experiences. So I say YES to more learning, more creating, more socializing, sharing impactful messages and making an impact and playing with others.

Sorry this quote is not true for me.

Planning Day – Vision

Planning Tuesday


This morning was dedicated to planning. So website updates it was.

In making changes to this site future vision has been created.

Old material on the site was changed from published to draft.

Pages were revised on the menu. Pages, Posts and Links were added.

Simplicity is the focus for everything on this site.

Some of the questions asked for which changes were based on:

 Is Everything Easy to Find?

Is it Friendly and Inviting?

Is there Planned Growth?

There are more questions that can be asked but for today this was a start.

SystemsGirl is big on Community we’ve participated in helping event organizers with charity events. Roles have varied depending on the event. With some it was a full Social Media Marketing Strategy, with Administrative and Volunteer support. For others it was sharing a charity event to build awareness. Always looking for an opportunity to share, how with a system it might be simpler and less time consuming.

The Blog here is where we will share what is going on. Such as this post.

Adventures – are a must. I can see this page of the site being a lot of fun going forward. Currently there are 3 major Adventures underway…

1. SMBizStudent – Learn Something and Share it

Focus is on Social Media Sharing, Strategy and Amplifying Voice, Creating Attention Online, Sharing a Message and knowing Your Audience.

2. SmallBizStudent -Business is Forever being a Student

 In business there is so much to know. Learning, growing and implementing something new regularly, is the focus. Taking Small  Businesses Back to School.

3. Partnerships – the residual income portion of SystemsGirl.

Because every Business could have residual income. This section is where we have Partnered, or have referral or affiliate relationships built with other companies. These companies are Positively Impacting in the world with their tools and resources and we recommend you have a better look at them.

Future Vision and Planning

Memberships and Affiliates are 2 sections where planning really showed up. The plans are to develop these pieces in the near future – thus the COMING SOON

There will always be learning and sharing here.

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Thank You for Reading – SystemsGirl