VendHQ – Web Based Point-of-Sale

VendHQ – Web Based Point-of-Sale
Vend Point of Sale

Web-based point-of-sale

All you need is a web browser. Vend works with equipment you already own, including barcode scanners, cash drawers and receipt printers.

Vend continues to work even if your internet connection doesn’t. Your data will automatically synchronize the next time you connect.

We automatically back up your data several times a day, on secure servers. So it’s protected, and can only be accessed by you.

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Take the stress out of owning a POS system. Enjoy the latest features without the hassle of maintenance and upgrades, for a small monthly subscription.

Are you connecting?

Are you everywhere online?
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, PinterestLinkedIn, SnapChat and Google+

Does it Look like this?

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Are you signing in to each one daily to tweet, post and reply?

Oh Yes then there is email.

Trying to keep up with everything is exhausting.

You may have even tried Hootsuite or TweetDeck to track the conversations.

Used Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule tweets and share your links on all the other sites.

Now if you have a business and you are marketing your solutions – well, likely you are not.

You are trying to but spending so much time on social media means you are left with very little time to “Do What You Love.”

Your Business is your Passion. Let’s get back to it- shall we?

The Ultimate Social Listening Tool is going to be your new best friend.

Why?  Because you can now listen and engage on a whole new level.

Those of you with Teams and Business Partnerships – will LOVE IT!

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Welcome to Online Connection Simplified.

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Nimble – The Ultimate Social Listening Tool

The Ultimate Social Listening Tool. The first unified solution to offer small businesses the best features of high-end CRM systems combined with the power of social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ all in one place.

Now your contacts, calendar, social media, email, sales, partnerships are working together. Identify Contacts to connect with via keywords and term searches and import easily. Leverage your team by delegating and assigning tasks. Create Campaigns and Measure Sales and Marketing Efforts. Get in the conversation, Connect and Go Deeper.


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