Cut through the noise this Holiday Season

How do you get your customers attention this holiday session?

If your customer is like me consider these 7 points

1. I’m looking for a soulful connection, a company that cares to connect.

How is your brand making soulful connections?

2. I care about one thing more than all else, my family.

Does your brand focus on family?

3. I give back – Charity, Volunteer time, Philanthropy.

What contribution is your brand making and to whom?

5. I care about the happiness of others.

Companies are made of people. Are your people happy and playful?

6. I care about experiences more that I care to acquire things.

How does your brand help me have a better human experience?

7. One google search will show me your competitors.

Are you offering something different enough for me to pay attention to you?

What do you know about your Audience/Customers?

Care, Connect, Contribute,

Focus on Families and Experiences

BE Different.

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Planning Day – Vision

Planning Tuesday


This morning was dedicated to planning. So website updates it was.

In making changes to this site future vision has been created.

Old material on the site was changed from published to draft.

Pages were revised on the menu. Pages, Posts and Links were added.

Simplicity is the focus for everything on this site.

Some of the questions asked for which changes were based on:

 Is Everything Easy to Find?

Is it Friendly and Inviting?

Is there Planned Growth?

There are more questions that can be asked but for today this was a start.

SystemsGirl is big on Community we’ve participated in helping event organizers with charity events. Roles have varied depending on the event. With some it was a full Social Media Marketing Strategy, with Administrative and Volunteer support. For others it was sharing a charity event to build awareness. Always looking for an opportunity to share, how with a system it might be simpler and less time consuming.

The Blog here is where we will share what is going on. Such as this post.

Adventures – are a must. I can see this page of the site being a lot of fun going forward. Currently there are 3 major Adventures underway…

1. SMBizStudent – Learn Something and Share it

Focus is on Social Media Sharing, Strategy and Amplifying Voice, Creating Attention Online, Sharing a Message and knowing Your Audience.

2. SmallBizStudent -Business is Forever being a Student

 In business there is so much to know. Learning, growing and implementing something new regularly, is the focus. Taking Small  Businesses Back to School.

3. Partnerships – the residual income portion of SystemsGirl.

Because every Business could have residual income. This section is where we have Partnered, or have referral or affiliate relationships built with other companies. These companies are Positively Impacting in the world with their tools and resources and we recommend you have a better look at them.

Future Vision and Planning

Memberships and Affiliates are 2 sections where planning really showed up. The plans are to develop these pieces in the near future – thus the COMING SOON

There will always be learning and sharing here.

We Love Feedback

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Thank You for Reading – SystemsGirl