Retailers, it’s time to get Holiday Ready

Foundry / Pixabay

The holidays are coming and preparation starts months before for retailers.

One of the many details to account and possibly the most time consuming and labor intensive is inventory. A partial or full inventory count is a big part of being organized for the holidays and can take hours, even days. An accurate count can be crucial to sales.

VendHQ published a helpful article to help retailers prepare, Prepping for Christmas: 9 Things You Should Do Right Now to Ensure a Successful Holiday Season.

One of the 9 things mentioned to consider is Cycle Counting or Partial Inventory Counts. The tip suggests counting portions of inventory on daily or weekly intervals. Making future inventory counts less of a burden on time and labor. One of the benefits is being able to catch discrepancies and theft sooner.

To make this easier VendHQ has an Inventory Scanning App Scanner by Vend, giving retailers the ability scan an item’s barcode using an iPhone, or iPad camera. The SKU is automatically recorded and syncs complete counts with your VendHQ account, easily updating stock levels.

Don’t worry if you are not yet a Vend user, the scanner has CSV file capability and can email you.

Consider the hours you or your staff spend doing inventory and the time and money this Scanning App will save you. Give it a try today and make your holiday prep easier this year and in the future.