Rituals vs Resolutions

Rituals vs Resolutions

It happens every year, NEW YEAR’s Resolutions. A tradition for some, resolving to accomplish or rid one’s self of an undesirable habit. We look at the NEW YEAR as a opportunity to improve.


4000+ years of celebrating and those resolutions turn into disappearing thought bubbles in the first month if not hours.

Consider turning resolutions into rituals. Integrating the very behaviour into everyday life by preparing and practicing.

For example:  I take in wonderful information everyday and sharing it would be a benefit to others. A new ritual for me will be sharing that information.

Prepare and practice here would look like this:

  • when learning take notes
  • read over notes, looking for items to share
  • look at ways to attractively share the notes
    • pictures, quotes, articles, blogs, vlogs, in person
  • create a variety of different pieces
  • share the content
    • emails, texts, links on social media, on my website, of guest sites.
  • after a few weeks take a look to see how to improve, change things or clarify
  • reward and celebrate

This is how I would take the information and turn it around in an attractive way so that those interested can receive the information as well.

When creating a step by step plan of action, considering what and how to improve and listing what you can and can not control helps keep things in perspective.I listen to a free book a day, via Organize Tomorrow Today by Dr Jason Selk, Tom Bartow and Matthew Rudy I learned about Channel Capacity, Thanks to BLINKIST. The Blinkist Application has been a fabulous ritual I’ve added to my day.

What is 1 ritual you can add to your day that will help you accomplish a goal you have for 2017?

Everyday is an opportunity to improve.  No more disappearing thought bubbles. Integrate new behaviour 1 step at a time, in 5-9 easy steps with preparation and practice.

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