11 thoughts on “Share your experience of SystemsGirl

  1. Jenn is one of the most caring, passionate and resourceful women I’ve ever met. She really cares about helping and I know I can always ask for recommendations, referrals and to meet up for lunch! SystemsGirl is the place you want to be when looking to grow your business, network or yourself.
    Michelle Paradis

  2. Jennifer is passionate, driven and works hard to help everyone overcome their challenges and meet their goals!

  3. I met Jenn at a few charity fundraisers, and we hooked up via FaceBook, then had a breakfast/brunch together and chatted up a storm ….. very knowledgeable on web based programs , social media programs and anything *techie* , plus shes funny, friendly and kind 🙂 Enjoyed the brunch!

    • Thank You Karen! Great Charity Fundraisers too!! Did you see Recovery Acres has a golf tournament coming up July 18? Let’s do brunch again soon!

  4. I needed Jenn to help me wade through my social media accounts and figure out my systems for my company email. She was efficient, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I am changing a few things and am looking forward to working with her again

  5. I reached out to my FB network the other night because I was stuck. I couldn’t access an online course I was taking, even though it was on a common platform. No matter what I did, I was blocked. Jenn instantly responded to my need. She private messaged me and with some probing and testing, discovered the issue and helped me resolve it. I had asked numerous people for help and was getting really discouraged. It was comforting to have someone approach me, give me exactly what I needed and trouble shoot with problem with ease in spite of my frustration. I’ve had this type of experience before with Jenn. She calmly and with certainty and expertise, rises to any task and helps us get where we want to go. Thanks Jenn! I highly recommend her for solving problems and making sense of systems that don’t work. Lisa Chell

    • Lisa,

      Sharing words of your experience of me and my consulting are so valuable and heartfelt. I want you to know, that I am happy to have been able to help you. It means a lot to me that I was able to. I am a very appreciative of you and grateful that you took the time to share your experience.


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