Thank You for Leaving Me?

Who Thanks someone for leaving them? Especially a Mother with small children.

I would have had a few choice words but I have to tell you “Thank You” would have not come to mind.

Today, I Celebrate a Dear Friend. Farhana Dhalla. She did say Thank You and what’s more is she wrote a book about it.

Thank You for Leaving Me: Finding Divinity in Divorce by Farhana Dhalla

What can I say about Farhana….

First “I Love Her!” She is an Author, Speaker, Coach, Mother, Lover and Friend. Not necessarily in that order. Really she is much more than this. She is committed to Empowering Women.

I always enjoy her presence. Any chance I get to squeeze her – I take.

Now about the book – when I read it – I went through emotions of fear, laughter and relief.

I have a hard time picking a piece of this wonderful book to quote, as there are so many that ring true for me.

But this one really hit home.

 “Then one day, after we split, it hit me… perhaps those messages about love were about ME loving ME more.” Vignette 25

Farhana and I have had conversations around it.





If you too are a friend of Farhana’s I encourage you to support her on her Journey – It’s one We all share.


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5 thoughts on “Thank You for Leaving Me?

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  2. Wow Jennifer…

    You made me tender with your words here.

    Thank you for being witness to so much in my life as I was dissolving and evolving right in front of your eyes. You saw firsthand my shock, pain, my disillusionment, my baby steps, my giant leaps, my hopes and my hearts unfolding. You were witness to it all before it ever was contained in a book.

    And when you were dissolving and evolving, it was an extreme honour that you reached for my book.

    You continue to be a someone that delights me, comforts me and champions my best self. It is my hope that I am that for you.

    I love you.

  3. I seen the posts about Farhana’s book on FB and the title got me. My last 2 relationships ended not so well, one I was not married to, but still the ‘leaving’ happened. It was more me that did the leaving, but the actions done by the partners in question left that as no other option to be had. The mixed reaction I had to the title was interesting to me. I knew leaving was the only answer to the situations I was in, I knew, or thought I knew, my own feelings about the course of events and yet.. “Thank you for leaving me” sat me back in my seat. I was happy to be free of the relationships. I had made peace with it all, knowing full well in my heart I had personally done everything within my power to try to make each relationship work. I knew my mistakes but I also knew there was no correcting them anymore. It was what it was. The second relationship left me with a baby and one on the way. And yet, being on my own was such a much better prospect than living with that partner. It was exhilarating, yet intensely frightening. I can relate to Farhana in so many ways. Seeing the post of the book on FB, I was silent. My mind was at work. Seeing the title in this group, my mind wants to speak. Yes, I do thank my partners for doing what needed to be done for me to leave. The valleys I’ve bridged, the mountains I’ve climbed, the tears I’ve shed, the breaking of my back… it was ALL worth it. I have become someone I never dreamed existed, let alone imagined possible. The shackles I’ve torn off with my ‘bare hands’, freeing myself from ideals and opinions imposed upon me throughout a lifetime, is overwhelming. I truly am, today, much much better off than I could have ever been then, and likely ever in my lifetime. So.. yes… Thank you (for making it possible for) Me Leaving!!! Farhana.. you have my utmost, sincere support!

    • Holy crap Kathy, have you ‘liked’ our Facebook page Thank You for Leaving Me?

      Please do. And PLEASE share your comments and insights there.

      You are so so wise… and I swear I used almost the same words in an interview earlier today. I guess that makes me wise too hehehehe ;-)

      I so appreciate your outlook… and to say “I have become someone I never dreamed existed, let alone imagined possible” had me bloom inside. This is how I feel too.

      i bless ALL of the experience because it ALL contributed to who I experience myself to be now. And yes, like you, I bless him for making things happen in such a way that there was no way we could continue together. What a blessed gift he gave me by the ‘no choice’. Who knows how long i would have been shackled by ‘duty’ and my limiting beliefs in what kind of life I deserved to have.

      Please share your wisdom…

      a big kiss,

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