I confess – I have a weakness.

Yes!  It is true I have a weakness.  Well maybe a few. Chocolate – definitely Chocolate…..

Really one of my biggest weaknesses is books. I collect them.

I have a hard time reading them all – but I Love them.

A couple of years ago – I decided how many books it was that I could read in a month.

I did the math and decided that was how many books I was going to hang on to – besides my Collections. I donated to friends and libraries close to 300 books. I KNOW!

Do you like to read? Do you Collect too? Are any of these picks going on your Christmas list?

So back to my keeping only what I can read and can not bare to part with.


In this city the Co-Op Grocery stores have a section where you can book share; leave the ones you no longer want and pick a few that you do.

I can count on my pinky the number of times I’ve been able to walk by with out finding a new (to me book) to take home.

I’m Grateful to be surrounded by Authors – I am still undecided about becoming one of them. Don’t get me wrong – I believe everyone has a story in them.
Writing is something I am practising and like getting to the Gym – I miss a lot.

Recently however I was asked to contribute to a book for teens.
I’m getting excited about sharing it with family and friends – Expected Released – End of October.

Speaking of New Books being Released – TODAY- check this out.

Michael R. Drew and Roy H. Williams have Co-Authored this Gem:  

Pendulum – How Past Generations Shape Our Present and Predict Our Future.

Human History tells a story and leaves clues – 3000 years of rules that our species has obeyed.

What does it mean to you and your business?  Have a peek!

Who are these fellows?

Michael R. Drew, Owner of Promote A Book, Inc., a book marketing and promotion specialist, who has played a key role in creating many national bestsellers.

Roy H. Williams,  founder of the Wizard Academy institute. Williams produces and publishes a free weekly column and podcast titled the Monday Morning Memo. Williams also hosts a live webcast on the second Monday of each month called “Wizard of Ads LIVE”.  Oh YEAH and Bestselling Author of 3 books included in William’s Wizard of Ads Trilogy.

Curious Yet?  I recommend you check it out.

Weaknesses another I have is Music.  I Love this Quote  “Popular music is a mirror that shows us collectively who we are.” -Michael R. Drew

Michael here’s to your next Best Seller. :) <3 xo

Also see How to Support an Author

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